How to install WordPress on Aruba

In this tutorial I will describe briefly how to install WordPress on Aruba.

To run WordPress your host needs:

  • PHP version 4.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 4.0 or greater

My hosting at Aruba includes Linux and MySql database service. Linux is more robust and featureful for running WordPress, but you just need a server that supports PHP and MySQL.

The WordPress installation steps are: (more…)

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Shutdown buttons.

I just did some Shutdown buttons with Photoshop CS2. They are quite similar to the Windows XP shutdown button.

The typical shutdown button is red but here you can find it also in blue, black and green. You may use for example these colors in case you need different buttons to represent different button’s states (standby, mouse over, pressed).

The size of all the buttons is 72×48 pixels. The biggest file size is no more than 5 KB.

Here are the buttons:

Shutdown button red

Shutdown button blue

Shutdown button black

Shutdown button green

I hope you like them!

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