Lastfm button.

Here is my Lastfm button for you to place on your website and direct visitors to your LastFM profile! I designed and developed this button with Photoshop CS2. is an Internet radio station and music recommendation system. It merged with Audioscrobbler website on August 2005. On Lastfm you can build a detailed profile of your’s musical taste, including a playlist of the songs (organized by date, artist, genre and so on..) you listen with your players (installing a plugin on your computer or iPhone, iPod) or played on Lastfm stations selected via a collaborative filter. The profile you create on Lastfm is visible on a customizable web page, with social networking features included as well.

Here is my latest 120×120 and 70×70 pixels LastFM button placed on a transparent background for you to use on your website no matter what background color you are using:

Lastfm 120x120 transparent background

Lastfm 120x120 transparent background

Lastfm 70x70 transparent background

Lastfm 70x70 transparent background


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Flickr button.

Here are some Flickr buttons that you can add on your website to direct visitors to your Flickr gallery or profile page. I did them with Photoshop CS2.

Flickr is a website for photo sharing and it provides a web services suite and an online community platform, which is generally considered an early example of a Web 2.0 application. The service is also used a lot by bloggers as a photo repository. Flickr allows photos to be tagged and browsed by folksonomic means.

Here is my latest Flickr button built on a transparent background in order for you to add it no matter what background you use for your website:

Flickr button 120x120 transparent background

Flickr button 120x120 transparent background

Flickr button 70x70 transparent background

Flickr button 70x70 transparent background

Here is also another version of the 120×120 pixels button:

Flickr button

and of the 70×70 pixels version:

Flickr button

Here are also some badges:

Flickr button

Flickr button grey version

Flickr button white version

Flickr button white version

If you are a Flickr addict don’t forget to check also my Flickr Wallpaper!

Enjoy and leave some feedback please if you are using them!

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Twitter button.

Here is a Twitter button that I did with Photoshop CS2 and that you can use on your website or blog to drive users to your Twitter profile!

Twitter is a social networking service, where members can inform each other about “what they are doing” or “what they think“. It’s a little bit like sending sms but in broadcast! It’s possible to send messages via phone, instant messaging or the Twitter website. Other users (twitters? :) ) can receive updates via web, IM, or SMS.

Ok now the buttons. It actually took me 5 or 10 mins only to do them. I created the button from zero using a round shape and playing with the “Blending options” of the “Layer style”. Then I just added the t letter making it similar to the one from the twitter’s logo.


Here are the 120×120 and 70×70 pixels versions of the Twitter button with a transparent background that you can place on any background color of your website:

120x120 transparent

120x120 transparent background

70x70 transparent

70x70 transparent background

Buttons are free to grab but please leave some feedback if you are using it! ;)


Due to the number of requests received, I’ll also explain here briefly how to use the button on your website:

  1. Upload the button image above to the server where your website is hosted or to a 3d party service as Twitpic.
  2. Get the URL of the image, that is the link to the image location.
  3. If you use Twitpic, after you upload the image you can click on “Put this photo on your website” and you’ll get the following code:
    <a title="Twitter button 120x120 pixels - MilkAddict on Twitpic" href=""><img src="" alt="Twitter button 120x120 pixels - MilkAddict on Twitpic" width="150" height="150" /></a>

    You can modify this for use on your website. You need to set the image size to for example 120×120 instead of 150×150 and to change the link of the image to your own twitter account. Here is an example with my Twitter account link:

    <a title="MilkAddict Twitter account" href=""><img src="" alt="Twitter button 120x120 pixels - MilkAddict on Twitpic" width="120" height="120" /></a>
  4. In case you host the image on your own website simply get the link to the location where the image is and add the link to your twitter account. Again it will look like this:
    <a title="MilkAddict Twitter account" href=""><img src="" alt="Twitter button" /></a>
  5. Include the html code above in the place on your website where you want the button to appear!

Featured on

My button is featured on the following websites:

Do you like this? Check out also my other Social Networking buttons!

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Beetle 53 button.

This is my first button that I did with Photoshop CS2. The button is based on the Beetle 53 theme. Beetle, or Bug, or Volkswagen Type 1, as it has been called during the years, is a famous car produced by Volkswagen.

Who doesn’t remember the numerous appearances of Beetle 53 in Hollywood films? The most famous is The Love Bug comedy series (Disney – 1968 to 2005), starring as “Herbie”, a pearl-white, 1963 Beetle with racing number 53.

Well here is my button. I hope you like it ;)

Beetle53 button

Other buttons that I did, that you can download for free, are: Lastfm button, Twitter button, Flickr button.

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