WPtouch is a WordPress plugin by BraveNewCode Inc. that makes your WordPress website load fast on touch mobile devices, showing the content beautifully and without interfering with your regular theme. Here is how my MilkAddict website looks like on my iPhone using WPtouch:



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Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin is a WordPress syntax highlighter plugin.
For Example, using this plugin some CSS code in your blog post would show like this:



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How to avoid SPAM attacks to your blog? How to improve the performance of your blog?

A common problem for bloggers is the time wasted checking and deleting SPAM comments that they get to their blogs, time that could be turned into content creation! this could be possible using an automated spam killer plugin that could do the job of controlling and marking new spam comments as SPAM.


One first simple solution for the SPAM problem is to use the Akismet plugin for WordPress!

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An improvement to WordPress themes is installing a META Description Tag plugin. A WordPress theme may be optimized for search engines, but there are a few additional things that can still be done.

It may happen that Search Engines see the content as duplicate if the content at two different URLs for example appears to be substantially similar. So some pages may be filtered when the Search Engine is serving the results, or even it may happen that some websites or pages aren’t indexed at all by search engines, or that a Search Engine Crawling Program stop indexing them.

Therefore without a unique META Description Tag on each of our posts we are hampering our Search Engine traffic. To solve this problem after we have succesfully installed our WordPress theme we can download from this link a META Description Tag plugin which is very easy to install. The URL contains all the instructions.

For my theme it’s very simple, I only had to download the .zip file, extract the head-meta-desc.php file, upload it to my wp-content/plugins/ directory, and activate Head META Description under Plugins in my WordPress.

Basically this plugin outputs a brief summary of a post or Page (the first N words, where N is defined in the plugin and we can modify it), a description of the category if on category pages, and the tagline of the blog on any other page.

It’s recommended to keep the setting of the length of the META Description Tag between 20 or 25 words (out of the box setting is 20).

Enjoy it!

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