Blogger button.

Finally my Blogger button is ready! thanks to Mike Geezy for requesting this on my buttons page :)

Blogger is a free blog platform (acquired by Google in 2003) that offers customizable templates and layouts, statistics for your blog and AdSense program. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at subdomain of Read more about it here.

With the Blogger button provided here you can drive users to your blog from any other website with a simple click!


Here are the 120×120 and 70×70 pixels versions of the Blogger button with a transparent background that fit any background color you may be using on your website:

Blogger button 120x120

Blogger button 120x120

Blogger button 70x70

Blogger button 70x70

You can find instructions regarding how to add the button on your website here.

If you like this and want to have other similar buttons check out my Social Networking buttons!

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